H&A to Air Brax & Ricky Two-Hander

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Brax and Ricky

In a first for Home and Away, the show is set to air a special two-hander episode next week in Australia.

Episode 6361 on Monday 15th February will centre on a single conversation between Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) and Darryl Braxton (Stephen Peacocke) following his shock return to Summer Bay.

Brax & Ricky Two-hander
The episode will feature a single conversation between Brax and Ricky

Back in June 2015, Brax was planning to make his escape from incarceration after arranging to be transferred to another prison. However the plan went awry when Gunno’s men ran the prison van off the road and into the river. After saving the prison guard, Brax disappeared and was presumed dead. It wasn’t until Ash met up with Brax in a safehouse that viewers learnt Brax was indeed alive, and decided that continuing the pretence of being dead would be safer for his family.


Since then however, the secret has slowly been leaking out, with Ash’s sister Billie being the first to find out the truth. With Denny Miller and Charlotte King also finding out about Brax’s survival before their respective deaths, the latter of which had been forced into investigating by a suspecting Gunno, it was only going to be a matter of time before things came to a head.

Ricky finally learnt that Brax was alive in the 2015 season finale after Ash had told Phoebe—and has barely had time to digest the news before Brax shows up on her doorstep to ask her and baby Casey to run away with him.

Ricky is shocked when Brax asks her and baby Casey to run away with him

Ricky’s engagement to Nate Cooper will complicate matters further, and whilst it appears initially that Ricky will choose to remain in Summer Bay with Nate, there have been indications that Bonnie Sveen may have filmed her final scenes in December—and possibly filmed further scenes for her departure during Stephen Peacocke’s brief return earlier in the year.

The episode will air in the UK on 4th April 2016.

The show previously aired a four-hander episode in 2004 (Episode 3716) which centred around Sally, Flynn, Leah and Jesse.

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